Web Technologies
A Computer Science Perspective

Jeffrey C. Jackson

Supplements Site

Cover ImageThis site provides some supplements for my textbook, Web Technologies: A Computer Science Perspective. Instructors should also visit the Prentice Hall Web site for the textbook, where lecture slides and solutions to end-of-chapter questions can be downloaded. The primary supplement here is a downloadable file containing source for examples and other supplemental files mentioned in chapters and exercises. Errata and my contact information (so that you can send me errata ;-) are also available.

Obtaining Java and JWSDP 1.3

You need a Java 1.4.1 or 1.4.2 installation in order to run the JWSDP 1.3 software used as an example in the textbook. You can obtain either of these versions of Java by visiting the Java SE 1.4 archive. Release 1.4.2_19 is the latest release for most systems.

Examples and Supplemental Files

Complete source files for examples as well as some code snippets contained in the text are available for download in two formats: zip or jar.


Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me at jack...@duq.edu (click to reveal my actual address) with errors, comments, or questions. (You can also obtain my email address by searching the Duquesne University directory.)

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