First Light

A lot went on the last couple of days, but first and foremost nearly everything is time sensitive. Once you put on the primer sealer, you only have so much time to get on the first coat of paint. After the last coat of paint is on you have less than 24 hours to get the clearcoat on, etc. Subsequenty, I have very few pictures on the process, but will post the "outcome" of the pieces here in the near future.

There is still a lot to do, but at least the tent can now come down and I can park the wife's car in the garage!

The Painting

at 85 degrees, the tent got hot. Drink plenty and drink often, because this takes a lot out of you and doesn't go as quick as you think. The cup only holds so much. Tilt the gun at too steep an angle and the overpreasure will spit stuff out of the cup lid (yes, even though it is closed. Learned to wrap paper towel around the top seam and hold it in place with a rubber band). Don't pay attention to the air hose and you scrape a piece that you just painted (argh...). Four coats of paint and three coats of primer. Will go in to detail later on this so check back in a couple of weeks for an update on this section.


The parts look nice by themselves, but it it is going to be a bit dangerous putting all the pieces back together and rebolting. One slip and the paint gets scraped, or worse, the part gets damaged...

Pre Sanding and Buffing

Ouch this is going to hurt... from 10 feet away, this looks flawless (except for the dirty wheels and tires in the photos) and I wish things were over, but close up inspection shows the imperfections in the clearcoat, not a mirror shine yet. Took the car to the local gas station, filled it up, and on the way back got our first "Corvette Wave" from a couple in a 67 convertible. That said, this isn't finished yet. The clear coat needs to be 1000 gritted, 1500 gritted, then buffed. This unfortunately will have to wait until after the vintage grand prix. My mentor stated he will take me by the hand for the first square foot, and from there on I am on my own...