My 1971 Corvette Project

Be sure to check out my new project, which is documenting and keeping maintained a 1968 Ridler Award contender Corvette! Full details can be found at this sister site Centurion Vette

What I thought would take 3 days turned into a bit more, and this was just for a repaint! The previous owner of my C3 left the engine basically intact, but must have decided that they liked Mountain Dew Neon Green better than the original Brands Hatch Green. Not that changing a car's color is right or wrong, I simply don't think my car is happy being forced to be a pop color, so restoring it back to its roots as a Brands Hatch Green car. Don't get me wrong, I was weaned on Mt. Dew and have a great respect for it... as a drink.

This site is almost completed, just have the final sanding and polishing to do. I have a few extra items I will add for the benefit of those who attempt to follow in my footsteps, and will announce on the home page here when the final proof of this site is locked in place.

*** 27 July 2010 Update *** click pic to enlarge

spouse The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix was this weekend, and the car was completed with the exception of the final sanding and buffing. None the less, it was presentable enough to take to the event. Out of the myriad of cars there, very few C3s with the chrome bumber era (1968-73) were present (4 total) and only ONE in Brands Hatch Green!

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