The Centurion Chariot

This site project is dedicated to preserving the legacy of an outstanding radical custom corvette, and to document for posterity the men and the history behind this machine. This hand crafted Roman Chariot is a time capsule that participated in the 1972 Detroit Autorama in the condition you see it now. Originally a 1968 big block convertible, this Ridler Award contender was created by Jerry Roman. Several other old school icons participated in this project, with concept design assistance from Dennis Reardon and engine modifications by John Drahos of Corvette Conspiracy. All but a handfull of these original hand worked masterpieces from the early years of the Autoramas have survived, and my goal is to ensure that this car and the story that surround it are preserved for future generations.


*** Pittsburgh PA ***

This time capsule currently resides here in Pittsburgh PA. The first official viewing in it's new home here was at Corvette night at the Starlight 2011 Car Cruise in Wexford PA. Later in the summer, having successfully been shown at the 30th National Corvette Homecoming in Bowling Green Kentucky, we proved that the car and the trailer can still go the distance even after 40 years.