Exam One Study Guide

What you need to know:


Be familiar with the Terminology for:

Distributions; populations; samples.

Hypothesis testing: t and F tests.

Research Designs; threats to validity.

Factorial ANOVA: main effect, marginal mean, cell mean.


Know the Definitions of:

Type I and II error; alpha, beta, sampling error, power.

One-tailed & two-tailed tests; rejection region.


Be able to Calculate Formulas for:

Measures of central tendency and dispersion;

standard error; F-ratio.


Be able to Identify:

IV and DV, levels;

Threats to internal validity (history, maturation...);

Strategies for controlling these threats (random assignment, etc.);

Types of research and their defining characteristics (true experimental, quasi-experimental, longitudinal, etc.);

Levels of measurement;

Kinds of distribution;

Measures of central tendency and dispersion;

Inferential statistical tests (t-test; F-test);

Elements of ANOVA summary table.