Patrick Juola

"It shows great folly to suppose that one can transmit or acquire clear and certain knowledge of an art through the medium of writing."

Plato, Phaedrus

CPMA 220, CPMA 460, CPMA 585: See this page for test data for current assignment. (This is the longest novel ever published, roughtly three times the length of Les Miz.)

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Me :

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Duquesne University
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15282

(and formerly of Oxford University).
+1 412 396 5685 (dispreferred to Email)
Click for my PGP key (visit MIT for more info on PGP and PGPfone).

My company : In addition to my professorial duties, I am also co-Founder and CEO of Juola & Associates, a startup specializing in text analysis.

My CV : ... is available in PDF or LaTeX.

My books :

My winning entry in the 2010 Digital Humanities Developers Challenge :

My Authorship Attribution Program (JGAAP) : The current state of my NSF-funded research into comparative methods of authorship attribution.

My competition : A competition I organized in 2004 for comparative authorship attribution, including test data and results.

My office hours : Please click here for Fall 09 office hours.

My courses : Please click here for Fall 09 classes.

My grants : I currently have three federally funded grants in corpus linguistics and humanities computing.

(some of) My research : ... is available on the Web. For the rest, simply mail me.

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