Remotely Running Linux Programs on Math/CS  Machines

The Math/CS department has many specialized software packages that run under the Linux operating system, including Maple (symbolic mathematics package) and LaTex (document preparation system, especially good for writing math-heavy papers).  Many of these programs can be run from computers other than those in the Math/CS labs.

To access the Math/CS network from outside the labs, you need to first download some free software that will allow you to connect securely to the Math/CS lab servers.  (A secure connection means that the information passed between your computer and the Math/CS computers is encrypted.)  I suggest using a program called "putty", which is available at  (If you are running Windows, the specific file you want is  Simply download this file to your desktop.

Once you have putty, double-click the putty.exe shortcut to start the program.  In the window that appears (the putty configuration window), you should see a text box labeled "Host Name (or IP address)".  In this box, enter the name of the Math/CS machine currently used for remote access.  Also make sure that the radio button below this text box (in the Protocol: area) labeled SSH is selected.  Then click the Open button near the bottom of the window.

The putty configuration window will disappear, and another window should pop up.  After a brief pause, you should see a login prompt.  Enter your Math/CS user name (the one you use to log in to Math/CS lab computers) and press Enter.  When prompted for your password, enter your Math/CS password.  You should next see a prompt just as you would see if you opened a console (shell) window in Linux on a Math/CS lab computer.

You can now enter commands just as you would in a Linux shell window.