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Math 411/502: Abstract Algebra I



Week 15

Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 3 Problem 4 Problem 5 Problem 6 Problem 7 Problem 8

Regarding the final exam, it will have 7 questions.

  • 1 problem will come from Exam 1.
  • 1 problem will come from Exam 2.
  • 3 problems will come from Chapters 9-11 Supplementary Problems.
  • 2 problems will come from Chapter 12 Problems 1-24.

Week 14
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Dr Haensch and her math friends at the Broom Bridge in Dublin, Ireland. Here are some notes on Hamilton’s quaternions and the four square theorem.

Week 10

Great job on exam 2! I was so happy to see such improvement across the board. I’ve uploaded all of your grades so far onto Blackboard. Please double check my records and make sure that they match yours, and let me know if anything seems wrong.

Week 9

Our second exam is coming up on Wednesday 11.02.16. It will cover chapters 6, 7, 8, and parts of 9. Again, you should work on problems from the supplementary exercises for chapters 5-8 (obviously omitting the problems from chapter 5, since we already saw that on the first exam).

There will be another opportunity for extra credit on Monday 10.24.16. There will be a seminar talk at 11:00 in College Hall 446, and my usual offer stands.

Week 6

Here is a pdf download of our Jeopardy! board from yesterday.

Week 4

Our first exam will be on Wednesday 09.28, it will cover chapters 1-5. I currently have two bonus point opportunities available to the class.

  1. I will ask question 6 from homework 3 as a bonus question on the exam. Feel free to run your solutions by me sometime before exam day.
  2. There is a seminar talk on Thursday 09.15 at 3:10 in COLH 439. You can get three bonus points on the exam if you attend the seminar and submit to me 3 facts that you learned in the talk, and 1 question that you have from the talk.

Week 3

I’ve uploaded homework 3 below. The first three problems come from Chapters 2 and 3 and you should be equipped to do them before class on Wednesday 09.07.

Week 1

When grading the homework, each problem is worth 5 points, and they will be graded according to the following 5 point scale:

  • 5 points - Solution is perfect, contains valid reasoning, and follows all guidelines for writing.
  • 4 points - Solution contains valid reasoning, follows all guidelines for writing, but may contain minor errors in writing.
  • 3 points - Significant mathematical progress has been made towards a solution but either the argument has major errors or it does not meet the writing guidelines.
  • 2 points - Some significant mathematical progress has been made, but there are key errors present in the mathematics or major issues with the written presentation.
  • 1 points - Evidence of having at least one good idea and making an effort to write a formal solution.
  • 0 points - Essentially no progress has been made towards a valid solution .

Course Materials:

[uploaded 08.16.16]
Homework 1
[uploaded 08.22.16]
Homework 2
[uploaded 08.31.16]
Homework 3
[uploaded 09.05.16]
Homework 4
[uploaded 09.09.16]
Homework 5
[uploaded 09.28.16]
Homework 6
[uploaded 09.29.16]
Homework 7
[uploaded 10.06.16]
Homework 8
[uploaded 10.16.16]
Homework 9
[uploaded 10.23.16]
Homework 10
[uploaded 11.06.16]
Homework 11
[uploaded 11.11.16]
Homework 12
[uploaded 11.28.16]