Technical Reports

96-01, Bret Larget (August, 1996)
A Canonical Representation for Aggregated Markov Processes
[Abstract, Article (PostScript)]
96-02, Bret Larget (August 1996)
Developing Intuition for the Standard Deviation via Computer Graphics
[Abstract, Article (PostScript)]
96-03, Robert J. Hill and Thomas A. Keagy (November, 1996)
Linear Algebra with Derive
97-01, Richard F. Patterson (October, 1997)
Some generalizations of Tauberian theorems for subsequences
97-02, Richard F. Patterson (October, 1997)
Subseries of double series which are not absolutely P-convergent
97-03, Bob Mau, Michael Newton, and Bret Larget (November, 1997)
Bayesian phylogenetic inference via Markov chain Monte Carlo methods
[Abstract, Article (PostScript)]
97-04, Michael Newton, Bret Larget, Rick Chappell, and Russell Jacoby (December, 1997)
Random allocations in comparative experiments of known size: balance without blocking
[Abstract, Article (PostScript)]
98-02, Bret Larget and Donald L. Simon (October, 1998)
Faster likelihood calculations on trees
[Abstract, Article (PDF)]
04-01, Stacey Levine, Jon Stanich, and Yunmei Chen (January, 2004)
Image Restoration via Nonstandard Diffusion
[Abstract, Article (PDF)]
05-01, S. Levine, M. Ramsey, T. Misner, and S. Schwab (March, 2005)
An Adaptive Model for Image Decomposition
[Abstract (to appear), Article (PDF) (to appear)]

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