Math 225

Introduction to Biostatistics

This site contains information for students taking Math 225 in the Spring 2001 semester. Lectures are given by Professor Bret Larget while lab sections are taught by Professor Dan Barbush, Professor John Kern, and graduate teaching assistants Meghan McCarthy, Leo Rebholz, and John Sklarsky. Current students may find course notes from previous semesters to be useful.


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Data sets
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A practice Midterm 1 (pdf format) Answers to practice Midterm 1 Equation Sheet for Midterm 1 (pdf format)
A practice Midterm 2 (pdf format) Answers to practice Midterm 2 Equation Sheet for Midterm 2 (pdf format)
Solutions to Midterm 1 (pdf format) Solutions to Midterm 2 (pdf format) Final Review Problems and Concepts (solutions now available)
Seating for Final Exam Equation Sheet for Final Exam (pdf format)

Data Sets

Computer Lab Schedule and Assignments

Homework assignments from lab are due on the date of the next class meeting.

January 8January 10 Introduction Introduction no answer sheet
January 8January 17 Exploratory Data Analysis I:
Histograms, Means, and Medians
Assignment 1 answer sheet
January 22January 24 Exploratory Data Analysis II:
Quartiles, Boxplots, and Standard Deviation
Assignment 2 answer sheet
January 29January 31 Probability Assignment 3 answer sheet
February 5February 7 Binomial Distributions Assignment 4 answer sheet
February 12February 14 Normal Distributions Assignment 5 answer sheet
February 19February 21 Sampling Distributions and
the Central Limit Theorem
Assignment 6 answer sheet
February 26February 28 Review Review no answer sheet
March 12March 14 Statistical Inferences
for One Population
Assignment 7 answer sheet
March 19March 21 Comparisons Between Two Populations Assignment 8 answer sheet
March 26March 28 Analysis of Variance Assignment 9 answer sheet
April 2April 4 Linear Regression Assignment 10 answer sheet
April 9April 11 Review Review no answer sheet
April 23April 18 Multiple Regression Assignment 11 no answer sheet

Lecture Highlights

DateSectionsTopicsHighlightsSuggested ProblemsSolutions
January 91-1 through 2-2Introduction
Means and medians
notes1.html Chapter 1: 1-4;
Chapter 2: 2-3 (a,b), 2-4 (a,b)
January 112-3 through 2-6Measures of spread
notes2.html Chapter 2: 2-3 (e,f,g) and quartiles, 2-4 (e,f,g) and quartiles. Solutions
January 163-1 through 3-9Probability and Enumeration notes3.html Chapter 3: 3-2, 3-5, 3-9 Solutions
January 183-10 through 3-12Conditional Probability and Bayes Rule notes4.html Chapter 3: 3-11, 3-12, 3-13, 3-16 Solutions
January 233-12Application of Bayes Rule notes5.html Chapter 3: 3-14, 3-15, 3-17 Solutions
January 255-1Binomial Distribution notes6.html Chapter 5: 5-1, 5-2a, 5-4 Solutions
January 305-2, 5-5 through 5-6Poisson and Normal Distributions notes7.html Chapter 5: 5-3, 5-7, 5-11 Solutions
February 15-6Normal Distributions notes7.html Chapter 5: 5-8, 5-10 Solutions
February 64-1 through 4-6, except not 4-4Sampling Distributions notes9.html Chapter 4: 4-6 (a-d) Solutions
February 85-6Central Limit Theorem notes10.html Chapter 5: 5-9, 5-12 Solutions
February 137-5Statistical Inference about Proportions notes11.html Chapter 7: 7-10a, 7-11 Solutions
February 156-5, 6-6, 7-5, 7-6Statistical Inference about Proportions notes12.html Chapter 6: 6-9 Solutions
February 206-6 and 7-6Statistical Inference about Differences in Proportions notes13.html as above  
February 227-1 to 7-2Statistical Inference about a Mean notes14.html Chapter 7: 7-1 (a-d), 7-2 (a-d), 7-3, 7-5 Solutions
February 271 to 7Review no notes    
March 1 Midterm I no notes   Midterm Solutions
(pdf format)
March 136-1 to 6-2Statistical Inference about a Mean notes15.html Chapter 6: 6-1, 6-2 (a,b), 6-12 Solutions
March 156-3 and 7-3Statistical Inference about Differences in Means notes16.html Chapter 6: 6-4, 6-5, 6-7, 6-8; Chapter 7: 7-6, 7-7, 7-9 Solutions
March 209-1Analysis of Variance notes17.html Chapter 9: 9-2, 9-6 Solutions
March 229-1Analysis of Variance notes18.html Chapter 9: 9-1 (a,d,e), Solutions
March 279-2Analysis of Variance notes19.html Chapter 9: 9-5b modified Solutions
March 2910-1 through 10-4, 10-6Simple Linear Regression notes20.html Chapter 10: 1 Solutions
April 310-1 through 10-4, 10-6Simple Linear Regression notes20.html Sample problem  
April 511-1 through 11-3Multiple Regression mult.html There will not be a multiple regression problem on the final exam.  
April 17 Midterm II no notes   Midterm Solutions
(pdf format)
April 198-1 to 8-2Goodness of Fit Tests notes21.html 8-1, 8-2, 8-3 no solutions
April 248-4Two-way tables not yet available 8-5 (a-c), 8-6, 8-7, 8-8 no solutions
April 26 Review Review Guide    

Supplementary Notes

Exploratory data analysisnotes1.pdf

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