Great Lakes Isolated Statisticians

One result of the Great Lakes Isolated Statistician's Meeting held in Oberlin, Ohio on April 27-28 was to recognize the difficulties associated with the absence of local statisticians with whom to discuss topics such as statistical education, the merits of various textbooks, sources of data for class projects and activities, the difficulty in being recognized for statistical consulting by our colleagues, etcetera. In an effort to increase the ability for us to communicate with each other electronically, we present a first pass at the Great Lakes Isolated Statisticians Homepage.

This homepage is intended to be a link to the "statistician down the hall" for academic statisticians who practice their craft in relative isolation.

This homepage is currently quite bare. If you can think of other topics that ought to be included, please indicate them. If you have additional information that would improve the information presented here. please send it along! In particular, if you are an academic statistician in this region, we want to include a mini biography of you in our directory that will allow others to find you as the "statistician down the hall" they seek.

Last modified: May 20, 1996

Bret Larget,